The 8th of June 2019 has proven to be a day the world and South Africa will never forget. Inkululeko Yesizwe Association (IYA) in collaboration with African Hidden Voices (AHV) brought together African indigenous leaders, former heads of states, as well as international guest; co-founder Dr Hak Ja Han Moon, better known as Mother Moon of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), to witness the unusual yet exciting event of remembering and honouring the forgotten voices of spirituality in Africa. The event was held at the Orlando stadium in Soweto.

“I started Inkululeko Yesizwe Association from observing how African indigenous spirituality was being undermined and from that pain I founded IYA.” said, Dr Prophet Radebe, founder and chairperson of Inkululeko Yesizwe Association.

Inkululeko Yesizwe Association was launched on the 26th of May 2018 with the aim to amalgamate African indigenous churches, traditional leaders and traditional healers under one banner, thus enable a dialogue in which all its members will embrace a common purpose to gradually change the landscape of moral leadership, while promoting universal acceptance and acknowledgement of the African indigenous ways of life.

Ndebele Paramount Chief Ndiweni said in an interview that “today’s event unites all African indigenous leaders, when we look at our African continent it is very much behind, when we come together in this manner it is the right way and this is the way to move forward.”

Indigenous Africa was governed by Kings and Queens, through the guidance of prophets. Indigenous Africa had solutions for African problems. “ It is important that Kings come together and unite so that African solutions can be found for African problems by African traditional leaders, we are grateful for this opportunity to come together with other traditional leaders, so as to find ways to better the lives of our people.” Said King Bulelani Lobhengula kaMzilikazi.

African spirituality/religion in diversified by the different sectors that are found in Africa, although the Zion church is not indigenous to Africa, its present-day practices execute all that is indigenous to Africa. This year’s commemoration was to pay homage to one of the African indigenous leaders of the Zion Church, the late Arch Bishop Paulus M Mabiletsa, who took over the baton from the then Zion leader around 1920, a Mr Pieter Louis le Roux. It would later be found that the Zion church would make a significant shift in the way it would praise and worship God. The inclusion of African indigenous spiritual practises in the Zion Church was evident that although the Zion Church is of Western descent, African spirituality precedent any religion brought to the African indigenous people.

“We commemorate the pioneering leader of the Zion church for accepting and embracing African spirituality, although the church was foreign to indigenous Africa, Arch Bishop Mabiletsa heeded his African conscious and incorporated African indigenous spirituality in the church.” said, Dr Prophet Radebe. Dr Prophet Radebe went on to say that he does not only speak as a leader of his own church but also as a leader of the nation, the prophet warned the Zion church to complete what they have started and become a fully-fledged African spiritual church.

Dr Prophet Radebe went on to say that he does not only speak as a leader of his own church but also as a leader of the nation, the prophet warned the Zion church to complete what they have started and become a fully-fledged African spiritual church. Arch Bishop Mabiletsa was awarded a trophy which was accompanied by a cheque of $10,000.00. “We are grateful to the Inkululeko Yesizwe organisation, we have faith that God speaks to us as a people and that God also raises prophets amongst us.” Said Arch Bishop Mabiletsa

The Arch Bishop further went on to say that what the leadership of IYA is doing is in line to the vision and the accomplishments of the late Arch Bishop Paulus Mabiletsa, who in Alexandra built a church and a school for the community. “The church was built so that people could have a place of worship a place where people can go to when they have problems; the leader also built a school so that people can be educated and better themselves.” Said Arch Bishop Mabiletsa Dr Prophet Radebe has always believed in a society that is founded on good family values and a youth that is rooted in good family structure that consist of a mother and a father, “When you want to build communities, you must first start at home.” The Prophet said.

The relationship between the Universal Peace Federation and Dr Prophet Radebe was birthed by the universal language both the prophet and the UPF speak. Through their commonalities, the HyoJeong Family Blessing Festival took place where a multitude of married couples was blessed by the co-founder of the UPF True Mother, Mother Moon. The ceremony is to pray for and bless married couples in the hopes that better families are built in order to build a better society. This ceremony takes place in different parts of the world. At the Orldando stadium more than 50 couples participated in the marriage blessing ceremony with 30 couples getting married on the day. Former Nigerian President Mr Goodluck Jonathan, said “The family is key, in terms of building a society because it is from the family that we build society, you can build

the people, you can build the nation, you can build the continent and you can build the world.” Mother moon and Dr Prophet Radebe released white doves, a symbol of peace. “When these doves fly away, they will be spreading peace in South Africa.” said, Dr Prophet Radebe. The Prophet was awarded a flag and a framed logo of the Family federation by True Mother, Mother Moon.


Written By : Palesa Hloele




Mass wedding held at Orlando Stadium.